Breakers And Fuses, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Electricity is an essential part of your daily life. All electricity that enters your home from an electric meter runs through a circuit breaker box or fuse box. Within your circuit breaker box/fuse box you have individual circuits that feed electricity into different sections of your home or business.
Call Modern Electric Palm Springs today and we will ensure you have all of the correct dedicated circuits to keep your family safe and your home or office running at full power.

Cable Television & Jack Installation, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Data and communication wiring has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Modern Electric Palm Springs, located in the Coachella Valley, specializes in residential and commercial telephone wiring, data cabling and computer network wiring. 

Electrical Code Corrections, at Modern Electric Palm SpringsModern Electric Palm Springs provides comprehensive and expert electrical code inspections. Our licensed electricians check your building’s electrical system against the most up-to-date electrical codes. All the necessary upgrades are performed while on site. 


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Motion Lights, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Motion Sensors enable lights to come on whenever motion is detected and turn off when motion ceases.  Motion sensors are especially useful when used outdoors with security lighting, and in bathrooms, children's rooms, break rooms, and boardrooms.



We offer many more services, please call us for all your electrical needs.
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Ceiling Fan Installations, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Installing a ceiling fan inside or outside your home has many benefits including, energy savings, lighting, decoration or just for the pure enjoyment. Installing a ceiling fan is more difficult than it looks. Instructions are usually complicated and can take up your valuable time. Ceiling fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds. This could be dangerous if it falls, so you definitely want a professional installing it. We can get the job done for you safely at Modern Electric Palm Springs.

Automated Lighting Systems, at Modern Electric Palm Springs An automated lighting allows a central controller to operate your lights, adding convenience, security and energy savings to your home. Automated lighting provides a new level of control for your home’s lighting design. Modern Electric Palm Springs professionals can recommend the right system to meet your family's needs..

Customized Home Lighting, at Modern Electric Palm SpringsAt Modern Electric Palm Springs, we believe lighting can create dramatic visual effects in any room. Your home is where your heart resides. You want it to be beautiful, warm, and welcoming to your guests. Lighting can make all the difference in the ambiance and appeal. Lighting strikes the perfect balance between beauty and security.

Landscape Lighting, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Landscaping adds value to any commercial or residential property. The right landscape and security lighting can draw customers in, make your family feel safe. Landscape lighting with Modern Electric Palm Springs is the perfect way to add beauty and security to your property.

Outlets And Switches, at Modern Electric Palm Springs Our team  can quickly and effectively diagnose any issue that may occur in your outlets and electrical switches. We service both commercial and residential customers. Our licensed professionals arrive prepared, and on time to correct your electrical problem within your budget.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), at Modern Electric Palm Springs recommends installing an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). This is a circuit breaker that is designed to prevent fires caused by electrical arc. It disconnects the power before an arc starts a fire. An average of 40,000 fires could be avoided each year just by installing an AFCI.

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